A Paradoxical Interior Design: Lexpera

*NEWS: Ervin Garip wins “Archist Interior Design Award 2018” 1st prize- in Retail Spaces Category …

An interior design that questions the activity of ‘reading a book’ and the functioning of publishing houses in the digital age. 

Are the books put in the cold storage?

Together with the changes taking place in the digital age, the usages and requirements in all areas are changing, and accordingly, the objects, spaces, and activities surrounding our environment have been redefined. One of the major reflections of this interaction is being experienced through the “book” as an object and “reading” as an activity.

1+1 designed an interior space for Lexpera, which is an institution producing a new generation information system that will change its traditional working related with the area it specializes and which envisions digitalisation.

New program workouts for the design of interior space have been conducted with a triple participation model. This model was shaped in line with the discussions and researches carried out between the designer-brand advisor-and the publishing house. As a result, a data pool with all the components was formed and the design of the interior space and its conceptual ground was developed accordingly.

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